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Sunshine Court


Bruce Baxter-Birney: Mega-smart, painfully normal, 26-year-old physicist with a shock of red hair and boy-next-door good looks. His largely academic life has left him woefully ill-equipped to deal with the daily onslaught of crazy that is Sunshine Court. Bruce, who narrowly escaped being a 26- year-old virgin, is the former president of the Jean-Luc Picard Fan Club and the current treasurer pro tem. Dude is a hardcore nerd. Bruce lives in Apartment 1A, where he also keeps Jesse on the down-low. Literally.

Jesse: The mysterious creature that lives beneath Bruce’s kitchen, Jesse is the source of the luminescent, green “slime trails” that the tenants have been complaining about for years. Of indeterminate age, Jesse has lived in hiding at Sunshine Court since 1937. He spends his days indulging his gourmet palate, indoctrinating Bruce in his passion for French film noire, and using his supernatural powers to perform his duties as superintendent. Terrified by the prospect that his discovery will lead to government scientists dissecting him, Jesse insists on remaining incognito. Seems totally reasonable. Jesse lurks in Bruce’s Apartment 1A.

Li’l Iceberg (“Berg”): An extrovert with boundary issues, Berg’s three favorite pastimes are rolling joints, smoking joints, and invading Bruce’s space. He’s kind of the “Kramer” of the building, by way of Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. Berg is constantly spitting new rhymes for his “big return” to the world of rap. He speaks to an invisible, street-smart guardian angel, travels to alternate universes where his fluency in “Tonkinese” comes in handy, and is given to vivid hallucinations. Berg kicks it in 2B.

Irene Kafka (“Iron K”): Bawdy, vertically-challenged Irene is the owner, chef, and waitress at Kafka’s, the only diner in town. The oldest resident of Sunshine Court, and an epic hypochondriac, she has been “terminally ill” for the last 37 years. Irene’s passions include extremely powerful Mexican laxatives and her conspiracy theory-heavy podcast, “Goodnight, Irene.” She also bakes a mean ambrosia which she serves in a bedpan. Don’t ask. Irene gets by in Apartment 11K.

Glendora (“G-Thang”):
is a 7’3” goth, pre-op, transgender she-male or… whatever. Rumor has it that Glendora is a vampire-werewolf hybrid, which is only informative insofar as Glendora started the rumor. As of very recently, his-her passions include Bruce, Bruce’s voice, Bruce’s “sweet little tookus,” and his-her duties as president, secretary and treasurer of the Bruce Baxter-Birney Fan Club & Appreciation Society. Glendora also enjoys dancing with tears in her-his eyes. She-he feels the weight of the world via Apartment 7G.


And there are plenty more where the above lovable losers came from, including Sheriff Whippet, the whippet-huffing police chief/local pizza delivery guy. (Hey, times are tough.); Manly Mandible, the disembodied jawbone of Charlton Heston, who serves as the show’s narrator; ex-porn star and woman of few words (one, actually), Cherry Very Cherry; and a veritable Sunshine Court cast of thousands! Okay, realistically, a handful of additional misfits. (Not counting the Queef Bubble, which is more of a viscous, ambiguous entity.)


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